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We offer End to End solutions to Goverment Institutions, SOE’s, Goverment Agencies and Parastatals
Our Public sector insurance products are highly specialised and designed to manage risks and lower costs unique to public entities, such as local governments, education organisations, blue light emergency services among others. Mmela Financial Services Insurance has been providing bespoke insurance solutions with an exemplary service record for almost 2 decades.

Public sector entities feel the pressure of operating within tight budget constraints while providing communities and employees with service that meet their expectations. We understand these obstacles and, more importantly, we are familiar with the unique culture and environment that exists in this type of organisation. We work with municipalities, public works facilities, educational institutions and other public sector organisations to develop risk management programmes that help reduce cost and allow the allocation of funds to projects that directly benefit the community.

Whether you need business continuity, key-man insurance or to secure business liabilities, Mmela offers cost effective solutions for you and your business.

we can give you peace of mind through professional indemnity.

No matter what business your client is in – a financial institution, a manufacturer, a retailer, or distributor or even a professional individual – it faces numerous risks. These could be anything from General and tenants’ liability, employee dishonesty and theft issues to incorrect funds management or professional negligence. Our Specialist Liability partners protects your business from these risks, with cover that includes Directors & Officers, crime, Public Indemnity, trustee liability, employment practice liability, bankers’ blanket bond and financial institutions liability.

Violation cover is not part of the insurance policy. “It was initially developed for Wesbank and was subsequently rolled out to other banks.” To the best of my knowledge this product isn’t offered to the general broker market. So, leave it out.

The purpose of Bonds and Guarantees is to provide the buyer with insurance of sorts should there be a failure by the seller to meet their contractual obligations. In the event there is a failure to deliver the services or goods to the Buyer, the bond can be ‘called’ and the Buyer can receive financial compensation from the bank.

The construction industry requires a broad range of guarantees, the full complement of which our expert guarantee underwriters cater to, includes:

  • Bid Bonds /Guarantees
  • Performance Guarantees
  • Advanced Payment Guarantees
  • Materials Off-Site and On-Site Guarantees
  • Retention/Defects Liability Guarantees
  • Supply Guarantees
  • Utility Guarantees

Life Insurance

Great value protection for you and your family  i.e. Credit Life , Funeral Cover , Employee Benefit and Risk.

Life Products

  • Credit Life : cover that settles the balance of indebtedness on a credit loan
  • Death Benefit: Upon death of a Member, this benefit provides for payment of an amount equal to the Outstanding Balance on the credit loan as at date of death, to the Lender to settle the debt.

  • Permanent Disability Benefit: On Total and Permanent Disability of the Member, this benefit provides for payment of an amount equal to the Outstanding Balance on the credit loan as at the date of disability, to the Lender to settle the debt.

  • Temporary Disability Benefit: On Temporary Disability of the Member for a period in excess of 30 consecutive days, the monthly instalments of the loan shall be paid by the Insurer to the Lender for a period of up to 12 months.

  • Retrenchment/Loss of Income Benefit: On Retrenchment or the Loss of Income of the Member, the monthly instalments of the loan shall be Paid by the Insurer to the Lender for a period of up to 12 months.

  • Funeral Benefit: On the death of a Member occurring before the expiry of the Contract Period and subject to exclusions, an amount stated on the policy certificate shall be paid to the nominated beneficiary as stipulated in writing by the Member.

  • Critical Illness Benefit: On diagnosis or occurrence of any of the Critical Illnesses as defined in the policy wording, a lump sum benefit stated in the policy certificate will be paid to the Member.

  • Accidental Death & Injury: On Accidental Death or Injury of the Member in an insured vehicle, an amount stipulated in the policy wording will be payable.  The Injury benefit is payable subject to a number of days spent in hospital and will be paid out as defined in the policy wording.

Performance Bonds & Guarantees

These are guarantees that typically cater for industries such as freight forwarding, clearing and logistics. Such guarantees include:

  • Transnet Guarantees (Transnet Freight Rail (TFR), Portnet)
  • Customs Guarantees (Deferred Duty & VAT, Bonded Warehouse, Road, Temporary Import, customs rebate, manufacturer of excisable product)
  • Commercial Fuel Guarantees to Fuel Majors
  • Airline Guarantees

Some of the major benefits of the Insurance backed guarantee are:

  • Provides the employer/supplier comfort against non-performance of contractual obligations and therefore increased costs of completion or non-payment.
  • Provides the client with increased cash flow and working capital.
  • Protects the client against non-payment of retained funds in the absence of a guarantee, should the employer not be in a position to make payment.

Cell Captives / Alternate Risk Transfer

Conventional insurance, but with the added benefit of allowing the client to share in underwriting profits.

A contingency policy is a conventional policy which provides the protection of conventional insurance, but with the added benefit of allowing the client to share in underwriting profits based on favourable claims experience and implementation of sound risk management principles.

Self insurance solution structures through First party Cell Captive vehicles, with funded attritional loss layers and the purchase of reinsurance solutions for catastrophic losses.

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