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Our personal lines insurance products are designed to ensure that you are never left out of pocket when some of life’s unfortunate eventualities hit. We ensure that you are covered at home, on the road and wherever else you may be. We are mindful of the fact that you are unique, which is why we will always treat you as an individual. Whatever your needs or circumstances may be, we craft our insurance solutions according to your personal requirements.

These are some of the insurance solutions that you can access through Mmela Financial Services:

At home

  • Household Insurance
  • Building Insurance

On the road

  • Vehicle Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Hospitalization following an accident.


  • Funeral Cost
  • Personal Liability
  • Death and Disability

At Home

Mmela’s Household Insurance cover includes:

Our Building Insurance cover includes:

What are you covered against?

Personal Liability


On the road

Personal Belongings

Vehicle Insurance Cover



Personal Accident

This is a 24 hour accidental bodily injury policy, which pays out a lumpsum benefit for death or disability following an accident.

Examples include:

Funeral Benefit

Travel Insurance

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